1: Training:
Some challenges in the life of a new believer might just be a training session he is receiving as a new intake. The bible says that we are soldiers of Christ (2Timothy 2:4) And to be a full grown soldier, it’s never without a training session. And part of it involves leaving old ways of life, keeping less friends and giving yourself more to prayers and studying the bible. This will not come easily. It will take a great deal of discipline to adjust to this new life. Not when your friends that knew you would not make mockery of you. Just compare it with a new recruit in the army. You live an almost excluded life. Some exercises will wear you out. But you don’t give up because you have a target.

2: Knowledge of God:
In the midst of all the trainings the Lord exposes you to, your knowledge of God deepens. You have personal knowledge, not taught by men. Manifesting God’s power precedes your knowledge of God (Daniel 11:32, Philippines 3:10) Before Jesus gave His disciples power, they first of all knew Him personally.

3: It teaches you to pray:
Most of these challenges God allows our way is to bring us to our knees. Even when GOD told Moses to go to pharaoh and demand Israels release, the Lord would make him meet with roadblock by hardening pharaoh’s heart. So Moses would go back to God and give Him feedback. What’s prayer? – communication between two beings- one speaks and the other responds. No one would go looking for God if everything was going smoothly.

4: To build your trust in God:
So, the Israelites began to trust in God haven seen what God has done through Moses and at the red sea. So when they were hungry and complained instead of asking for food, God was so offended with them because He expected them to trust Him that He will not let them die of hunger.
I delivered you from plagues in Egypt and saw you through the red sea which were challenges you couldn’t have surmounted on your own. So trust me when I say come for I will not call the seed of Jacob to serve me in vain.
When you throw a child up in the sky, the first time he will express fear. But when you do it continuously, the child will begin to laugh because he has come to trust that the hands that threw him up will also catch him and will not hurt him.
The trust He is building in you is such that will make you know that your place in zion is certain (Psalm 125:1)

5: To prepare you for the office you are to occupy for Him:
Jesus said, “Occupy till I come.”

Every believer has one or more tasks to perform in the kingdom project. So the Lord takes time to prepare you otherwise you will not operate at your full potentials and the fruits you bear may be less.
Every one knows that a palm tree must bear fruits. But it will not bear fruits at early stage because its stem will break by reason of the weight of its fruits. So the wind will blow on it, the sun will shine its heat on it, the storm will come, the floods will pass by, but instead of breaking, it shoots its roots deeper, it grows taller and increases its stem size. After maneuvering all these, the fruits come and nothing on a palm tree is useless.
So Joseph went through a pit to potipher’s house and to prison and then to the palace before he became second in command in Egypt.
So, it took David 15 years in the wilderness running for his dear life before he finally became king in Israel.

6: …

To be continued…


I am carefully and wonderfully made.

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