6: To force out the potentials in you.

Many believers don’t know what the Lord has endowed them with. They don’t know they were destined for greatness in life. But due to circumstances around them, they decided to live a low-key life.

But God won’t allow His investment to waste away. The only way to bring it out is to induce it through any means available.

Gideon never knew that he was destined for greatness and that the liberation of Israel was resting upon his shoulders, so he went and was living a low-key life because of his background.

Until the Lord sent His angel and said to him, “Gideon, thou great man of valour…” (Juges 6:11-16)

No wonder Paul said to Timothy, “Stir up that which is within you by the laying of my hands…(2Timothy 1:6)

Bring it out, if you don’t, the Lord will force it out through any means He deems fit.

So, this man was destined to be a great athlete but he didn’t know. He was busy getting fat. Then, the Lord allowed sickness and he visited the hospital. The doctor told him that the only way to get better was for him to be running exercise early morning.
Days turn to weeks, weeks turn to months, months to years. Then he watched athletes running a marathon and he checked the time it took the winner to cross the line. Oh! I can run that distance at a shorter period than that. So, he enrolled and he won.

God has a way of dealing with us individually so as to bring out His investments in us. Remember, we are His business.

7. To break you and use you.

“Unless a grain of wheat dies, it remaineth but one. But when it dies and grows it yields a bumper harvest…” (John 12:24)

We humans are too self-willed. Most of our thoughts is centered on “me” or “I”, check the wordings of your prayers.

God cannot use us optimally except the “ourselves mentality” dies to give way to the SPIRIT. It’s a product of the flesh (1John 2:15-16) And the Spirit and the flesh are at war with each other ( Romans 7:21-25, Galatians 5:17) The flesh must die so that the Spirit can have its way in and through you at anytime.

Dying to the flesh means breaking your self-will, surrendering to the will of God, making the things of God of more importance than yours. When you need this job earnestly but the Lord needs you for Himself and His business, now that is not going to be easy especially when you have hunted for this job for long.

So, this Duck was about to cross a highway with its ducklings. But one was busy running around and was not paying attention. The mother approached it and pressed it down with her feet till it started crying. She held it down for a while before lifting up her feet against it. Now the duckling learned to pay attention and to submit herself to her mother’s lead.

To break you and use you is to get your attention and make you submit and be sensitive to His SPIRIT’S presence and leading.

8. …to be continued


I am carefully and wonderfully made.

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