In Genesis 4:1-9, is the story of the two sons of Adam and Eve. One was a shepherd and the other, a farmer. And it came to pass that when they were asked to offer a sacrifice to the Lord. Cain brought some of his farm produce to the Lord while Abel brought the fattest part from the firstling of his sheep.

Now, the bible was specific about what they presented to the Lord :-
…Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the Lord.
…And Abel, he also brought of the FIRSTLINGS of his flock and of the FAT thereof.

The scriptures said that the Lord had respect unto Abel and his offering.
Why did the Lord accept Abel’s offering? It’s because, Abel was very meticulous about what he would offer and how he would present it to God. His offering was of a great measure and quality. It was predetermined, carefully and fearfully selected. But Cain selected any thing that was handy among his crops and offered to God. Let me just do this and be over with it.

David said, “I will never offer unto the Lord what will cost me NOTHING!” (2Samuel 24:24)

Now, it’s not just about bringing the offering, but in what manner, in what state, how do you present it?
The scriptures said, give with a cheerful heart and not out of necessity or compulsion.

Now, Cain offered, disregarding the status of the One he was offering to. In Malachi, the Lord asked, can you offer a lame goat to your governor? (Malachi 1:8)
His offering was rejected because he offered carelessly and without reverence.
But as an elderly person, he ought to have gone back to the Lord to ask why his offering was rejected and then do it again the proper way. Instead, he became envious of his younger brother.

The spirit of Cain:-

When Cain is your brother, be careful how you share your success story with him. Nothing good would come out of it. He will only seek to end your life. It’s not all that rejoice in your success story that are happy with you. Some have ulterior motives.

When Cain is your brother, be careful with what dream you share with him. Joseph didn’t know that he had Cain as brothers and was sharing every one of his dreams with them (Genesis 37:1-44) What are your plans for the future…? Cain will never want to support you to achieve your goals. He will only be there to pull you down and you would have been seeing the signs. They are there with you in the ministry, place of work, where you live, in your family, in your marriage…

When Cain is your brother, he will not want to ensure your posterity. Onan was to sleep with his late brother’s wife to have children for him but due to wickedness, he poured his sperm on the ground. He knew that the children will never be his own. So he decided to waste the sperm than to have children for his late brother (Genesis 38:9) Uncles are like that especially those from your paternal homes. When a man dies, his brothers cease all his assets and sell them off, squander the money without considering their late brother’s wife and the future of his children. He / They wouldn’t want them to amount to anything in life. That is Cain! Some would want to go to the extent of whipping his or their brothers children from the face of the earth leaving him with no heir, that is Cain. Ask them why, and they will respond, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Abel had no children because his brother killed him.

When Cain is your brother, he will do everything within his power to discourage you from pursuing your dreams in life. They will never believe that you can do it neither will they believe that you have the qualities and capabilities. Yeshua’s brothers never believed in him. They mocked him saying, go and show your self to the world for no one that does what you do that stays in hiding (John 7:1 -8)

When Cain is your brother, all he is interested in is destruction, death and pains.

Cain can be your friend or friends, your business partner or partners, your colleagues at work,your neighbors, your course mates in school, your fellow ministers in fellowships. You’re always close to them or him. It’s he whom you confide in thinking that your secrets are safe with him or them. His or their second name is betrayals, saboteurs, spies, monitoring agents. They smile with you, dine with you, merry with you. But what you don’t know is that they are the architects of your problems. They smile with you but stab you at your back.

They’re always around to get information from you about your plans and use it against you. They don’t delight in your promotion or success.
They come in subtly, with tenderness and smoothness of friendship but hidden within is a viper with a sting of death. Cain spoke with a brotherly love and voice to Abel but he stung him to death. It was with a tender kiss that Judas Iscariot betrayed Yeshua.

The bottom line is, know who you share your secrets with. The rat in the bush cannot know that there’s food in the house except there is an informant from within the household -household enemies. Many homes have been ravaged by this because information was given away by a maid, house-help, family-friends, home service providers, wife or husband, mother or mother-in-law etc

Even the creator of the whole universe has secrets.

Yeshua said that the end of time is the Father’s to decide and the Father has kept it from him (Matthew 24:36, Mark 13:32)

The secret of the kingdom was revealed to babes (Matthew 13:11, Mark 4:11)

The bible says that Yeshua led Captivity captive … you know what this means? Satan is Captive (Ephisians 4:7-10, Colossians 2:15) That’s his other name. The plan of salvation for mankind was kept a secret from him. He knew that Yeshua was the Son of God but didn’t know his mission on earth. He forgot that the Lord had earlier told him that because he made Eve eat the Apple that the Son of the woman would bruise his head and he would bruise his heels. If Satan had known that killing Yeshua on the cross of Calvary would mean the salvation of mankind, he wouldn’t have played the game. Yeshua died and took the power back that man had earlier lost in the garden of Eden. The one that held man captive was in captivity of the game that played out to the cross without him knowing what he was doing. The same way he tricked man in Eden and took authority from man was the same way he lost the authority but was thinking that he was dealing with the supposed Son of God and God wouldn’t do anything to save his Son. Before he realized what he was doing, it was too late and Yeshua declared to him on the cross of Calvary saying, “It is accomplished.” Hand over the KEY! Satan was kept in the dark of all that transpired from Gestamene to the cross. After that, he knew that he had but a little time left. So he started warring against those that believe in the One that captivated him to the cross.

The angel that spoke with John the beloved asked him to let the content of one of the scrolls remain a secret until it’s time to reveal what is inside it ( Revelation 22:10)
The secret of the kingdom is with them that love God.
The same scenario occurred in Daniel (Daniel 12:4)

It’s not everything about you, family, business, marriage etc that you reveal to everyone. The bible says that the heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it? (Jeremiah 17:9-10) Only things that need to be know, should be made known. Matured talks should be kept from children otherwise, they can reveal to a stranger where you keep your credit card and give out the code innocently. Some marital issues are best settled between the spouse. Some family matters are best handled within the household. No stranger would seek your life except he has information about you.

To be continued…

God bless you.


I am carefully and wonderfully made.

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