If there’s anything a person or family protects jealousy, it is their name. If anyone must remember my name, it shouldn’t be for anything evil. Many go to certain extent to ensure that their evils are covered up so as to maintain a good family name.

As a result of this, many refrain from taking up some positions in a ministry that will bring them to limelight due to fear of mistakes that will ridicule their name.

But I am here today to tell you that what names they call you is not as important as what heaven calls you. The SOULS to be salvaged through the ministry God has called you into is more important to Him than you trying to protect your name. If you value your name much more than what God has bestowed in your hands, then you are not worthy of your calling.

If Jesus Christ stopped halfway because He was called beelzebub, don’t you know that we would have been doomed forever?

You can’t please everyone except you want to compromise your stand with the Lord. People will always have different opinion about you but God’s opinion about you is more important. God’s opinion about you determines your final destination after life.

At a point, Jesus was called the Messiah, King of kings, Son of God but He didn’t allow that to get to Him (John 2:24-25) Few days later, they shouted crucify him – He was called all manner of evil names.

Moses was called a murderer by his own people, but heaven saw a mighty deliverer. He fulfilled his ministry (Exodus 2:11-15)

Gideon saw himself as poor and wretched and weak, but heaven called him mighty man of valour. So, your opinion about yourself should not arise at all. He fulfilled his ministry. (Judges 6:11-16)

People saw David as an untidy young man because he kept the sheep, but God’s opinion about him is, ” a man after my own heart.” He fulfilled his ministry.
(1Samuel 13:14, Acts 13:22)

Peter, the fisherman, we see as unstable and careless with words, but heaven called him the Rock worthy of the church’s foundation. He fulfilled his ministry.

Our Master, Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ was called beelzebub- king of demons. But heaven said, ” This is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased…” He fulfilled His ministry.

And He told us that we will be called worst names than Him just to prepare us ahead of time (Matthew 10:25). He wants us not to be bothered about what the world will call us but about what heaven calls us. Heaven’s view about us is greater and more effective than the world’s view about us.

The Lord has called us or viewed us as His own. He said we are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people chosen by God to show forth His praise to the ends of the earth (1Peter 1:9)

Whatever you do, never allow heaven to call you a fool.

This rich man’s farm yielded great harvest and all he thought about was himself. How to increase his barn and make himself comfortable. He never recognized God and to attribute his supply to Him. He never thought about those who don’t have-his neighbors. All he knew was himself.
And heaven called him a fool (Lk12:16-20)

Many of his friends and family members may have called him blessed, rich man, wise man, a success and would have loved to be like him. My people would have given him a traditional title and add it to the names he already has.

But heaven had but one name for him, “Fool”.

May heaven never consider you a fool in Jesus Christ name, AMEN.

Another person heaven calls a fool is he who fails to win SOULS for Jesus Christ.
The bible says that he that winneth a soul is wise. It then means that he that fails to win a soul is a FOOL (Proverb 11:30, Daniel 12: 3)

Never you allow what people will attribute you to hinder you from doing what the Lord is leading you to do.
The nomenclature men gives end on earth. But the one heaven gives is eternal.




I am carefully and wonderfully made.

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