Jeremiah 31:3 says, “The Lord hath appeared of old unto me, saying, yea, I have loved thee with everlasting love: Therefore, with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.”

One thing have I known for sure, that God is love (1John 4:8). He is a being best described as love.
Love is a word that cannot be captured in a single-complete definition and such is same with God.
As a divine being called Love, God cannot stop loving you no matter what.

From the beginning, the creation of man was driven by love. Every other thing created was not made to look like God. But this being called man, was created in the image and likeness of God because of love. He wanted to see His nature moving around and taking charge of the affairs of His creation (Genesis 1:27-30)

God cannot stop loving you! Even when you draw yourself away from the love of God through disobedience, He will never stop reaching out to you for reconciliation and is always ready to have you as a prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32)

We offended Him and ran away. But He is coming for us seeking reconciliation and not judgment whereas we were supposed to be going back seeking for forgiveness.

While we are still sinners (Romans 5:8), God sent His only begotten Son as a scapegoat to pay for our sins, even though He had no sin (John 3:16). This is love – to die for one who is guilty while that one is not even showing any sign of changing for good (John 15:13)

The price that was paid at Calvary was born out of love and only the blood sacrifice of the innocent could atone for our sins and undo what kept us away from God. And Jesus said, “It is finished”, in other words, ” It is accomplished”. The task of reconciling man back to You is accomplished. At Gethsemane, the pains and the dread of what He would pass through was blinded by love (Luke 22:39-46)

He said earlier that He had loved us with everlasting love and it was through that love that He had drawn us to Himself.

This loving nature of God was formed in Paul that he was willing to pass through any thing just to ensure that souls are saved. Until Jesus Christ is formed in the lives of his converts, Paul was willing to pass through any thing even if it involves his life.
That is how God has been sending prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists, apostles to us so they could tell us about God’s love towards us because He can’t stop loving us and wouldn’t want us to perish in our sins.

Paul UNDERSTOOD this and asked, “What can separate us from the love of God?” (Romans 8 :38-39)

He weighed everything in the universe and found NOTHING worthy of separating us from God’s love.
Do you understand how deep God’s love is? I bet you don’t!

1. As you don’t understand how bones are formed in her that is with child, so deep and mysterious is God’s love (Ecclesiastes 11:5).

2. Just as you don’t understand how a little mustard seed in your palm, when sown to the ground, turns into a mighty tree that it will take a hundred men to attempt to lift it up when it is cut down. So is God’s love for mankind.

3. Just as you don’t understand how air is enclosed within the earth realms that it can’t escape into the universe, that is how deep God’s love is.

4. Just as you can’t comprehend how water flowing from different seas remain unmissable despite having the same chemical composition, so is God’s love for mankind.

His love is too deep and beyond human comprehension and it is everlasting.
The psalmist asked, ” What is man that thou carest for him..?” (Psalm 8:4-8)

NO! God cannot stop loving you. He never has and never will. Don’t allow the devil to use any ugly situation you are passing through to make you think otherwise. He is a liar and the father of all lies (John 8:44 )

God’s love never ceases! (Lamentation 3: 22-24) His love never fails; His love endures forever ( Psalm 136)

Join Paul to affirm that NOTHING can separate you from the love of God. No situation; no circumstance; no challenge can separate me from the love of God. They can’t and they won’t.


God bless you.


I am carefully and wonderfully made.

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