Here’s a book that made me feel like I was part of another man ‘s life.

I have never been so drawn into a book while reading it as I was with the whole narrative of “The Soul in the Game ” like one watching a movie.

But more importantly is his enthusiasm, the will and the determination to survive against all odds and discovering himself each step of the way and his purpose in life.

—Anyanegbu Chukwunweike Michael, Minister, His Word in Our Hearts Ministry

Below are reviews from other prominent personalities -:

“Vitaliy Katsenelson has been singled out by financial media for his brilliant
investment strategies, but perhaps even more impressive are his philosophical
writings. Soul in the Game is no ordinary self-help tome. I’ve never read anything
quite like it: a collection of wonderful observations and insights about Vitaliy’s
native Russia (he emigrated to the US in the 1990s), parenting, living one day
at a time, and – especially – creativity: in business, classical music, and art.

Vitaliy’s life is an integrated one, from which we can all draw some surprising
and (like his investment approach) contrarian notions. This book is worth
anyone’s time.”
— Carl Bernstein, Author, All the President’s Men

“Part eclectic autobiography of a diverse life, part endorsement of critical
thinking, part investing principles, and part how-to guide on how to be a
complete human. Soul in the Game is always interesting, often funny, and at
times profound.”
— Greg Maffei, CEO, Liberty Media

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Soul in the Game is impossible to categorize. It is part memoir and part self-help
book; it is part philosophy and partly about parenting; it is partly a book about
writing, music history, and art appreciation. In the end, it is nothing less than
a manual on how to live a good and meaningful life and achieve those most
elusive and yet desirable of all states: balance and self-mastery. This book has
changed me, and it will change you as well.”
— Robert Greenberg, Composer, and Author, How to Listen to Great Music

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