Thanksgiving is an act of showing appreciation for what someone has done for you. It is a response to a good thing someone has done for you. The way and manner in which you show appreciation depends on your background.

It differs from place to place – tribe, religion, nations and tongues. Which ever way it is done, once the recipient acknowledges it as a gesture in response to what he did for the other person, it’s accepted.
In some tribes in Nigeria, you have to show appreciation for three days or more for every kindness shown to you. So you have to thank someone for what he did for you yesterday or day before yesterday. Failure to do that shows that you are not grateful.


My people say that if you thank someone for what he did for you, he will be moved or encouraged to do more. You have to show appreciation to someone especially when you know that you might not have been able to do that which the individual did for you yourself. There are people who were also in such need as you were but he chose to bless you instead. Even if you could take care of yourself yet the person felt he should assist you, courtesy demands that you acknowledge his kindness by showing appreciation.

Many have lost their lives, jobs, relatives, loved ones, some hospitalized, some can’t feed while some don’t have the money to take care of themselves, some marriages are in chaos, some childless, some are orphans, some widows, some are in prison, some in mortuary, yet, the Lord didn’t let you be numbered among them. The same road you travel to and fro your business ventures, some traveled the same road but didn’t make it back. Many among those who you shouted happy new year with are no more. What about the hidden and open battles the Lord is figting for you and I, many of which we are not aware of? In Luke 13:1-6, the Lord asks, “Do you think that you are better than those upon whom all these calamities befall? In all these, the Lord deemed it feet that none of these calamities should befall you. Not to mention the impact of covid-19 on the socio-and economic lives of people. This and many more reasons are enough to make you see reasons why you should be grateful to the Most High God.
The act of thanksgiving unlocks great potentials and opportunities unimaginable.
So, the bible says, enter into his gates with thanksgiving (Psalm 100:3 ) That simply means that for every worship rendered to the Lord, except it starts with thanksgiving, it is not acceptable to the Lord. Every worshiop to the Lord starts with a heart filled with thanksgiving.


1, Multiple blessings (John 6:1-14)

On two occassions, Jesus Christ fed a great number of people with insufficient amount of food just by activating the power of thanksgiving. When he recieved the available food, he didn’t care about the multitudes waiting to be fed. He knew exactly what to do and the key to unlock the bank of supernatural supply. And that one thing to do was just to thank the Almighty for the little at hand.

That genuine act of thanksgiving alone multiplied the food until thousands were fed and they had left-over. ” Father, I thank you for the food, he broke it and that was it.”
Power of thanksgiving!

2: It has resurrection power ( John 11:1-44)

Jesus Christ had a friend in Lazarus. While Jesus Christ was away, his friend died. But when Jesus Christ arrived at the scene after his friend had been buried for four days, all he had to do was to activate the power of

resurrection through thanksgiving. He said, “Father, I thank you for I know that thou hearest me…” And that was it. Then he shouted, Lazarus, come forth! And the dead came back to life.

Can I prophesy into your life? Anything that is dead in your life, by the power of thanksgiving, l call them back to life in Jesus Christ name, amen. Is your business dead? Your marriage; your finances; your job; your connections; your opportunities; anything dear to you that is dead, I command them back to life in Jesus Christ name, amen. I call them back to life now by the power of thanksgiving in Jesus Christ name. I say, ” BE RESTURED, LET THEM BE RESURRECTED NOW IN JESUS CHRIST NAME, AMEN. ” I command life back in all your endeavours in Jesus Christ name, amen.
Power of thanksgiving!

3: Thanksgiving brings Wholesomeness (Luke 17: 11-19)

Here are ten lepers. They all had been ostracized from the society. Yet, when they met Jesus Christ along the way, he had compassion upon them and healed them. But all of them left rejoicing. Along the way, one of them thought deeply about what he had recieved.
So, now I can freely relate with people? I am no longer meant to live in isolation? My nights will no longer be meered with scratching and pains. When he thought about all those things he could not do before because of leprosy but now he can do them, he then

understood the depth of what he had recieved from the Lord. He weighed it and decided not to go back without going to say thank you to the One that did such an amazing thing for him. Sometimes, we don’t understand the depth of what we have recieved from Someone. And the Lord asked, where they not ten that got healed? How is it that it is only one that came back to say thank you? And the Lord told him that his faith had made him whole.
Do you know what that means? All of them got healed of the flesh, but only one got both physical and spiritual healing. WHOLESOMENESS! To be made whole means being healed both of the body, soul and spirit. All round healing. Everthing pertaining to you is healed -marriage, finance, job etc

Can I pray for you? As you approach the Lord with a grateful heart, may you be made whole in Jesus Christ name, amen.
Power of thanksgiving!

4: There is deliverance power in thanksgiving(Jonah 2:9)

Jonah! Go to the land of Nenevah and preach to them. Yes Lord. But Jonah went a different way. Then the Lord sent a fish to swallow him. After he had spent three days in the belly of the fish, Jonah thought of a way to get himself delivered from the mess he had put himself into. Listen to what Jonah said, “But I will sacrifice unto thee with the VOICE of thanksgiving; I will pay that which I have vowed. SALVATION is of the Lord.”
(Jonah 2:9)

The instant he made this declaration, the Lord immediately instructed the fish to deliver Jonah in the land where he had sent him. Jonah got his salvation by activating the voice of thanksgiving.
Think of what he said, “But I will sacrifice unto thee with the VOICE of thanksgiving…”
Does it ring a bell? Jonah was in despaire, he was in pains, hungry for three days, in darkness, in fear. Yet in all these, Jonah chose carefully to approach God with the voice of thanksgiving. It means that fear has a voice, anger has a voice, pain has a voice. When Someone is in pains and he is talking, you will identify it through his voice. Happiness has a voice. Joy has a voice. You can easily identify one who is talking out of confusion because confusion has a voice. But this man chose carefully among all the voices the voice of thanksgiving and he was delivered.
Can I pray for you? May you recieve power to activate the voice of thanksgiving no matter the situation around you in Jesus Christ name, amen (1Thessalonians 5:16-18)

I pray for you this day, may you recieve the power of thanksgiving, may the voice of thanksgiving be activated in every area of your life in Jesus Christ name, amen.

God bless you.


I am carefully and wonderfully made.

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