There’s one thing that God greatly desires with the creation of man and even after man fell in the garden of Eden.

That one thing is that man should have an intimate knowledge of God. That is why He will come to relate with Adam in the garden.

When He sent Moses to deliver the Israelites from Egypt, He started by introducing himself (Exodus 3: 6)

He said for this same purpose have I raised pharaoh that I may show my power to the world (Exodus 9 : 16) So that the world should know Him.

If the Lord wanted, He wouldn’t have allowed the Israelites to go into slavery in Egypt. But how would they know the Lord; His powers; His capabilities; His do’s and don’t’s?

And if He be their God, what can they say about him should someone ask them to tell him about their God?

It’s every father’s desire that his children should know who their father is. Knowing your father or parents goes beyond just knowing their names. It’s like this, you see something that was done in your absence and you say,” I know who did this, it’s my dad. But this other one, my dad won’t try it. It’s not in his nature to do something like this”. If someone threatens you, you tell him just wait till my dad gets you.

But what is the major reason behind His desire that we should know Him?

The reason is that the world we are living in is a battle field. And the one we are wrestling against is the devil and his demons who have a first-hand knowledge of God because they were with Him in heaven even before man was created. They were there at the creation of man so they know us as well.

If you must engage in a battle, you first seek to know the strength of your enemy’s defense system and compare it with yours. The knowledge of this enables you to determine whether to go into the battle or to surrender.

Moses’ deliverance of the children of Israel was symbolic of the deliverance mankind would receive with the death of Jesus Christ.

So the Lord first of all revealed himself one-on-one to Moses that Moses would know Him and be confident in Him. So He performed many miracles, signs and wonders through Moses that the Israelites would know Him and be confident in Him.

In like manner, Jesus Christ came and had one-on-one encounter with the apostles that they may know Him. And He performed many miracles, signs and wonders before them and through them that they may have confidence in Him.

The essence of this is :

1, That we may have the same knowledge of God which our enemy had of the Lord so that we would not be intimidated by Satan.

2, That you may know that you have power over ALL the powers of Satan (Luke 10:19).

3, That you may also know how to use the power because it is not enough to have it and that is the ministry of the Holy Spirit. For every power of darkness, the Holy Spirit has a standard against it ( Isaiah 59 : 19 )

4, It will foster relationship between you and God, prosperity and success. So, Moses had the knowledge of God through direct intimacy, but the Lord told Joshua to read about it that he may have knowledge of God ( Joshua 1 vs. 8) It is necessary in your work and walk with the Lord.

5, You know the authority you have in Christ Jesus. Whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven and whatever you loose …( Matthew 18 : 18)

6, You receive strength to make exploits (Daniel 11 : 32) De-populating the kingdom of darkness and populating the kingdom of God.

7, You claim your right as a child of God because you have been adopted and you are a co-heir with Christ Jesus ( John 1 :12-13, Romans 8 : 16-17)

9, You claim your freedom through knowledge of God (John 8 : 32)

10, You silence every tongue that raises in judgment against you because that is your heritage ( Isaiah 54 : 17 )

11, You have knowledge of the overcoming power in the blood of Jesus Christ and through the word of God you proclaim ( Revelation 12 : 10)

12, In the knowledge of God are deep secrets (Jeremiah 3 : 33)


Seek to know God more day-by-day for in the knowledge of God is everything you could ever desire in this life and beyond.

God bless you.



I am carefully and wonderfully made.

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