In the book of Ezekiel 47 : 1-5 , Is the story of how the angel of God led prophet Ezekiel into the deepest part of the river flowing from a source eastward to the north. It has the message on how believers relationship should grow in the Lord.

The bible says, to those who believe, out of their belly shall flow rivers of living water (John 7:38-39) The rivers represent the HOLY SPIRIT of God and his diverse manifestations through his elect.

In our journey with the Lord, there are some believers whose relationship with the Lord is on periphery (ankle level Christians), they never go deep in seeking to know more about God. There are some believers whose relationship with the Lord is on the deep level(knee level Christians) and they don’t seek to go deeper. While others are on the deeper state (waist level Christians) Then those that are already on the deepest relationship with the Lord (overwhelmed with God’s SPIRIT) they are rare. They have scaled through the other levels and are now in their deepest relationship with the Lord. Those are the ones operating from their highest spiritual ranks. They are dead to the world but alive in the spirit. There are very few field Marshalls in the world military settings.

To get to that level requires a high level of consecration, separation, fasting and prayers, studying of the bible, discipline, unquenchable desire to know God more, allowing your knowledge of God to be sharpened through fellowship with other brethren, continuously practicing the knowledge of God which you have obtained as practice makes perfect etc Each one thousand measurement described in the book of Ezekiel 47:1-5 before the next increase in water level signifies the task to be carried out to qualify one for the next level.

Great men of God in the scriptures didn’t jump into preaching the gospel immediately after their genuine encounter with the Lord (Galatians1:18-20, 2:1) They first withdrew themselves, and gave in to prayer and fasting and studying the messages before they came out. As they kept practicing, their level moved from deep to deeper and then deepest knowledge and relationship with the Most High. And the scriptures say that those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits (Daniel 11:32) So, your degree of exploits in the kingdom project is dependent on your knowledge of God which is a function of your depth of relationship with God. The deeper your knowledge of God, the higher your exploits. And the depth is a function of your relationship with God.

Your level of relationship with the Lord makes your name a threat in the kingdom of darkness. Jesus I know, Paul I know, but who are you? (Acts 19:15) The seven sons of sceva didn’t have an identity in the spirit. They had no place in Zion so how could they be a threat to darkness? They didn’t actually know whom they were preaching about because they had no relationship with him. Communion with the Lord sounds your name in Zion and the deposit of God’s glory upon your life becomes a threat to darkness. Through your communion with the Lord, you would have been causing confusion in the kingdom of darkness which will reveal your identity to them. When Moses came out, his countenance shown by reason of God’s glory deposited upon his life and the people ran away. That’s what happens. And when demons begin to see the glory always hovering around you, the intensity tells the depth of your relationship with God. So they begin to make their findings to know who you are. They begin to attack you, to frustrate you just to distract you from communing with God and turn your attention to them. Satan does not fear he who carries the bible around but he who studies the bible because by studying the bible, you arm yourself with authority over him. He feeds on our ignorance.

D L Moody was a man who had so much communion with the Lord that even when he secretly enters a territory, the HOLY SPIRIT finds him out by arresting souls around him. He might enter a place hiding, but when people begin to see others being slain in the spirit and speaking in tongues and falling under anointing, they have only one answer to that – D L Moody is in town. They might not have seen him. But this is what happens when he is in town. All they needed to do was to find him. Where’s he hiding? Now, it was only his presence, what if he said a word? What do you think would happen. The way God chose to manifest himself through D L Moody by reason of his relationship with the Lord was exceptional. He didn’t need his shadow to heal the sick and to cast out demons. He didn’t need his apron to heal the sick and to cast out demons. He didn’t need him to lay his hands on anyone.

All he needed him to do was to make himself present in a place. For greater things than I have done shall you do because I am going to my Father(John 14:12) There are territorial powers, forces and demons that torment an area. But once this man of God steps into the area, darkness is defeated. Powers, demons and forces give way and the HOLY SPIRIT takes over the place – healing the sick, casting out demons, turning souls to Christ. You know what? The Lord made D L Moody lord over territorial darkness – “Wherever you step the sole of your feet, I shall give to you”(Joshua 1:3) The benefit of deepest relationship with God.

Pastor William Brenham also had a testimonial for his own share of deepest relationship with God. He had the glory of God following him around in a form of light slightly above his head. The man who prophesied the first female president of America 60 years ago was seen in a picture of him, a flash of light above his head.

They could not explain where it came from. But that was the glory of God following him around which the Lord allowed to be made visible at that point. That was an indicator of his deepest relationship with God that the glory of God followed him about just like the pillar of fire that followed the Israelites by night and the pillar of cloud by day indicating God’s presence.

Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa, John Knox, prophet Elijah and prophet Elihsa had something in common. There deepest relationship with God gave them an edge over the leaders of their time. They had the power to decide the fate of their nation.

The federal government of Nigeria had no power to alter the program of Idahosa when he was set to use a facility for God that the government was also interested in. If the government must use a venue where Idahosa had first set his facility for a crusade, then they must find him an alternative or the government would make use of the alternative in the interest of peace. Otherwise, there will be problem.

Idahosa asked the former president of Ghana to give his son Duncan Williams a place in the national television for evangelism but he refused. Idahosa made a declaration that he Idahosa has removed him as president of Ghana. It didn’t take long, the president died and another took over.

When Idahosa sent his son again to the second president, he quickly gave him a place in the national television to avoid trouble. If he missed his flight when he is to attend a program, he could call back the plain.

The Queen of Scott feared John Knox prayers it had the ability to alter her decisions. One man’s prayer was stronger than the armies of Europe put together.
Elijah suspended the economy of Israel through prayer by declaring that there would be no rain in a space of 3 and half years (1kings 17 & 18)

He was a thorn in the flesh of king Ahab so much so that whenever both of them met, there greetings was funny. King Ahab would greet him saying, “O my enemy, have you found me?” (1 kings 21:20)

Elisha had every secret of their enemies at his finger tips. Each time their enemies made plans on how to attack Israel, he revealed the secret to his people and the war turns in their favour. He would be in his house and yet hear every little whispers in the bed chamber of their enemies (2 Kings 6:12)
So, there were kings on thrones and presidents on seats making plans and taking decisions, but it rested on the shoulders of the MEN of God to decide which decisions should be upheld. A king might be on the throne, a president might be on seat but the affairs of a nation, the fate of a kingdom rests on the shoulders of a man of God on the unction of his deepest relationship with God. The fate of the kingdom of Egypt was decided by Moses, though pharaoh was on the throne.

It’s only we believers of this generation that don’t understand what it means to seek deepest relationship with God. Which minister of God now alive is operating in this dimension? We don’t really know what it means to be in that state for if we do, we will not hesitate to go extra mile to achieve it. It’s that state in our walk with the Lord when we realize that we are dead to the world and alive in the spirit.

The point Paul got to that he shouted, it’s no longer I who lives but Christ living his life through me (Galatians 2:20) He had so much communed with the Lord that the life of Christ became his life. The one he was in relationship with took over him completely just like a demon would possess an individual. And that is the promise of God that those he foreknew he conforms to the image of his Son Jesus Christ (Romans 8:29)

Paul lived in water for almost 48 hours because the Lord of nature had taken over him and made aquatic. A viper stung him he just shook it away and didn’t make hast to look for anti venom for the venom had no power over him (Acts 28:2-6) His body had been saturated with the righteousness of Christ that anything that was meant to harm him was neutralized by the holiness of Christ.

Enoch walked in that state of deepest relationship with God that the Lord took him and didn’t allow him to die. He was like god among men because of deepest relationship with God. And the Lord concluded that this god shall not see corruption for he is one like me. The Lord took him and he was no more (Genesis 5: 21-24)

It was the state where Moses got to that he commuined with God face to face so much so that when he died, the devil contended for his body. Have you ever asked yourself why Satan contended for the body of Moses? (Jude 9) What did he need it for? Is there something he knew that we didn’t know? Is there something he wanted to siphon from the body of Moses? That glory that the people saw on the face of Moses and ran away, could that be what he wanted to extract? You know that the devil understands the power of deepest relationship with God because he has been there. When you deeply relate with God you understand his ways, his powers and how to apply them. The devil will do everything to stop you from having that knowledge.

A man that prayed that his enemies would not die a normal death and the ground opened up and swallowed his enemies and covered itself up as though nothing happened (Numbers 16:28-32)

That’s the state I desire, that is the state I seek. OH Lord! let the anointing and grace of deepest relationship with you fall upon me now in JESUS Christ name, AMEN.


I am carefully and wonderfully made.

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