After Jesus Christ rose from the dead, He appeared to the disciples and showed them His wounds. He then asked Thomas to feel His wounds and should not doubt again (John 20:24-29)

Everything Jesus Christ wore got renewed after He rose from the dead and he had no traces of blood stains except that His wounds remained. Why didn’t His wounds heal?

If you journey with the Lord and you don’t have wounds inflicted on you, then your journey with the Lord is questionable. If everyone loves you as a believer, check yourself properly cause you might just be a compromiser. You might just be the type that plays along just like a chameleon.

The Christian wounds can come in the form of physical wounds or spiritual wounds. It can come in form of backbitting, rejection, slandering, blackmailing, they can gossip you about saying all manner of lies against you, some will just hate you. They can deny you some privileges all in a bit to make you denounce your belief.

These are wounds – emblems of Victories as a Christian. When athletes show there trophies and are proud of it, we show our wounds as memorial of our fight. They are the emblem of Victories, they are ornaments of a Victor, the signs of one who triumphed in a battle.

Ask a soldier who came back from a war and has a wound how he feels about it. He will not hesitate to show it up. He will have that proud look in his eyes as one who went; saw and conquered in a battle. The scar is his first evidence before he presents you with any other gift he was given when he returned. That serves as an evidence that he was involved in the battle.

After the scars, after the wounds come the crown of victory- the crown of glory.

Paul didn’t hesitate to share his profile as a man of war. He spoke in 2 Corinthians 11:18-33 about his wounds as a believer.

He talked about his stripes, how he was stoned, shipwrecked, how he spent a night and day in water, always in journey, in perils of water, robbers, of his countrymen, among false brethren, of the heathen. In hunger, in pains, in weariness, in watching for his life, in thirst, in fastings, in cold, in nakedness he served the Lord.

But note what he said in verse 30, he said “If I must glory, I will glory of the things which concern mine INFIRMITIES.”

He would glory in the things which concern his infirmities. He would glory in the souls his wounds have been able to win for Christ. A soldier glories in the peace his wounds have won for his nation. We glory in the souls our wounds win for Christ.

In our days, we see blessings as emblem of victory in serving the Lord but the disciples of old saw their wounds, their sufferings as trademark of Victories in bringing the gospel to men. What counts in heaven are the pains you endured just to bring the gospel to men. Those are the real testimonies worthy of sharing.

The Moravian brothers sold themselves as slaves just to be able to carry the gospel to Danish West Indies. When you talk about breakthrough, for them, thier breakthrough was that they became slaves and brought the gospel to Danish West Indies.

Our own definition of breakthrough is in money, houses, cars, job, marriage, children etc.

Paul said in the passage that his joy in all that he suffered was that the gospel should spread. He cared not about himself but about the church (2Corinthians 11: 28) So, if you are treating his wounds, he would be asking if the people have received the message of salvation.


If you are passing through difficulties serving the Lord and people begin to question the God that called you, that is your wound.

When your wife and children and your entire family begin to mock you because of hardship, that is your wound. They only know God as a prosperity God. The Lord says that the members of your household would be your worst enemies.

Your co-ministers and church members despise you due to unfavourable circumstances, that is your wound.
Your friends despise you, that is your wound. Do you know how it feels?

There’s no money in your pocket, no food to eat, landlord threatens to throw your things out of the house, yet, you must preach the gospel- that is your wound.

Paul said, Alexander the corppersmith did me more harm. That was his wounds.

To get to the top, there are mountains
you must climb. And in most cases, you don’t get there without scars.

God bless you.


I am carefully and wonderfully made.

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