And Jesus prayed, “Father, that they may be one…, “(John 17:21-23)

And Jesus said, “A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand…” (Mark 3:24)

The bible says, “One will chase one thousand and two shall chase ten thousand…” ( Deuteronomy 32:30, Joshua 23:10)

The greatest undoing of the powers of darkness is to cause division in the body of Christ. Division weakens the church but togetherness is power, ( They prayed in one accord and where they were was shaken- Acts 4 : 24-31)

“One will chase one thousand and two shall chase ten thousand…”, Do you see the margin of the exploits of togetherness? No wonder He sent them out in twos -Luke 10:1-17.

With each division in the body of Christ comes the weakening of the church.

Now the trend is that if you are not a member of “My or our denomination”, I can’t assist you. To some, unless you belong to my or our denomination, your salvation is questionable.

Now, a young man, endowed with great glory of God is noticed by a minister or a member of another denomination. But this young man is facing great financial difficulties because he is poor. The minister refused to help him because he is not a member of his church.
So, if he must join your ministry to get the assistance he needs, what do you (minister) seek to achieve from it?

You seek to take glory for whatever outcome from the young man’s anointing for your denomination and not for the kingdom of God. You seek promotion of your denomination and not the promotion of the kingdom project.

If you notice a minister endowed genuinely with God’s glory, denomination should not stand in your way towards helping or assisting with the goal of God in his life as the Holy Spirit leads you.

There’s no church/denomination in heaven. What we have is “MY Father’s business” (Luke 2:49)

Our Father’s business – soul winning unlimited- is what there is on earth and those already won in heaven (Revelation 7:9-10, Revelation 6:11)

Many have given up because of such situations where it became unbearable. Some have suffered unnecessary delays and set-backs.

Come out of the lies of denominationalism and champion the cause of the kingdom of God lest it will be told you on that day that you worked for your denomination and not for the kingdom of God.

God bless you


I am carefully and wonderfully made.

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