When you hear a topic like this, you begin to wonder if it is possible for a prophet of God to ever be mad or what this topic entails. But when you read the scriptures about Balaam and Balak in Numbers 22 & 24, you will come to realize that it is possible. But the question is, what could ever make a prophet mad to the extent that God would have to use an ass or something that is unusual to speak to His prophet or to rebuke His prophet.

In 2Peter 5: 15-16, the bible says that “They have forsaken the right way and gone astray, following the way of Balaam the son of Beor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness but he was rebuked for his iniquity: a dumb donkey speaking with a man’s voice restrained the madness of the prophet.”

Madness in this context does not portray the state of one loosing his ability to think or reason normal. Madness of a prophet here speaks about the state where a man of God temporarily forgets the tenets of his calling and goes the way of flesh.

1, The bible says that Balaam loved the wages of unrighteousness. Balaam had agreed to collect money(bribe) so he would curse people who did him no wrong. It was an unrighteous act because that was not his job description by virtue of his office.
When this happens, it becomes difficult for the man of God to see the warning or cautioning signs from God that it will have to take God to use unusual means to call him to order.

Balaam was so blinded by the reward he was expecting from Balak that he was unable to see the Angel of God trying to resist him 3 times. Only the Donkey which was in pure state of mind saw the Angel. As a prophet, he was supposed to be a seer. But he couldn’t because of this iniquity. Madness of a prophet!

2, Another state is where God uses a prophet as a sign to warn his people of something evil that would befall them. Like Prophet Isaiah walking naked for 3 years (Isaiah 20:2-3), Prophet Hosea marrying a harlot ( Hosea 1: 2-3) Where there no responsible ladies around? But God said, a harlot.
What would you do when you see your minister doing something unusual (not evil or sin) and you sense that he is acting under the influence of the Holy Spirit? You will almost think that he has lost his mind only to discover that it is a sign from God about something to come.
His actions might be weird but look deeper to understand the ways of the Spirit. Madness of a prophet!

3, Unjust and excessive use of power. When a man of God lacks self control and abuses his anointing, he is in that state. Elijah called down fire from heaven to consume those that came to arrest him, Elisha called out wild animals to devour the children who where calling him bald-head-old man.

But Jesus Christ was called Beelzebub, He didn’t curse them, rather He told us that we will be called worst names and we must forgive for the sake of the kingdom. Also, when Jesus was to go to Jerusalem and He sent some of His disciples through Samaria and they rejected him, his disciples suggested that they should call down fire from heaven to consume them – which they learned from Elijah. Jesus quickly rebuked them saying, “No! You don’t know what spirit you are made of.”(Luke 9:50-56) No wonder the scriptures say that “He has not given us the spirit of fear but of love, boldness, sound mind and self control(2Timothy 1:7) Paul said to Bar Jesus,”For a season, you shall be blind” He didn’t bring death upon him for desiring to purchase the gifts of the Holy Spirit with money. Today, pastors curse their members as easily as they drink water. A pastor’s wife cursed her members for not buying her gifts on her birthday. You leave their ministry to another one, they curse you. Madness of a prophet!

4, When a man of God begins to call God names because of hardship when he doesn’t know the mind of God for allowing it to come his way. Prophet Jeremiah shouted and said “God, you have deceived me!”(Jeremiah 20:7) In other words, that God is a deceiver.

Have you ever thought God as a deceiver, a liar, a wicked being who allows his followers to undergo hardship and never cared to help? Then you were in no better state than Jeremiah was. Madness of a prophet! There is a thought of good things from God towards you for allowing the situation to come your way. It is always for good and never evil (Romans 8:28) All you cared to see is the circumstances and never the mind of God concerning it. No situations come our way without the approval of God (Job 1&2, Luke 22:23) What sayest thou oh God concerning this situation!? Is it from you or from my mistakes? Should be a prayer from one who truly understands God.

5, Another state is where a man of God begins to familiarize with government officials (Amos 7:10-17) The trend now is that the more recognition you get from politicians is a function of how successful or great you have become. They will greatly desire to take pictures and to show what level of greatness they have attained. They will gladly allow a politician to mount the alter and stand on the pulpit of God to canvas for votes during election just to show how their ministry has become relevant in the political sphere. What connection does light have with darkness or what relationship do you have with beliel?(2Corinthians 6:14-15 )
Anointing is different from election. Office of a man of God is for a lifetime but political office is for minimum of 4 years or maximum 8 years; A prophet is the mouth piece of God but a politician speaks for the people – i.e. if the politician has the fear of God. Which one is greater? Office of a man of God or that of a politician? Paul understood this and said, “I magnify my office.” (Romans 11:13)
Jesus in his ministry never had time for the politicians of his days because He didn’t think it relevant. He never fought them, He never spoke against them even when he was tempted to do so, he said, give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what’s God’s (Mark 12:17) He said He came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel(Matthew 15:24) But Jesus was very furious with the leaders of the synagogues because they were not leading the people aright. He called them names;He rebuked them( Matthew 23:1- 39) He knew that the government of this world expires but His own government(kingdom) is eternal (John 18:36) Should He then be wasting his time caressing with that which expires or with that which is eternal? And his disciples did the same thing.

6, … to be continued.

God bless you.


I am carefully and wonderfully made.

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