Deuteronomy 33:6 says, “Let Reuben live and not die, neither let his men be few.”

Jacob, on his death bed had called his sons for them to hear his last words on them and their future before he passed on. He had called them to bless them before he died.

As they gathered, Reuben, being the first son received a curse instead of a blessing. He was cursed by his father on death bed without any hope of mercy or having the curse reversed by his father. All hope had been lost because that was his father’s last moment on earth. No one else could plead for him. His mother had died long ago and the father had kept the pain of what Reuben did to him till this moment so he could get a pound of flesh – to curse him and not be there to watch him suffer so that he won’t have any reason to pity him and probably reverse the curse. Jacob really wanted Reuben to suffer. He must have been greatly pained by what he did.

What did you do Reuben? “I slept with one of my father’s concubines” (Genesis 49:3-4) What!!? Oh no! But why?

Now, you and I would say he deserved it and even more if we were Jacob. But why did this great man of God – Moses, think otherwise? Moses was a stammerer and had a higher temper than Jacob, yet he felt something wasn’t right about that curse.

Reuben’s curse had the following effects on the Reubenites, his generation:

1, They lived below full capacity (“Let Reuben live…”)
2: They suffered premature deaths (…”And not die…”)
3: They had limited population size as they suffered more casualties each time Israel went to war ( …nor let his men be few…”)
4: He lost his birthright.

This didn’t go down well with Moses-the man of God.

We see Moses here not only delivering the Israelites from the captivity in Egypt but also ensuring that each tribe is delivered from whatsoever that is holding their freedom and progress back.

Moses was not there when the curse was placed on Reuben. He wasn’t even born then but he discovered it. How? He didn’t read it from anywhere but from the library of heaven. His private meetings with the Lord and the 80 days and 80 nights he spent on God’s mountain were not in vain.

He ascended that height and journeyed into time past with authority and power to instruct his great-grandfather -Jacob – to let Reuben live. And his great-grandfather had no option than to obey his great-grandson who came with the mandate of deliverance upon his (Jacob’s) generation.

And Moses (on his own death bed) said to Jacob in the spirit, “Let Reuben live and not die…” Though he is a lawful captive ( Isaiah 49:24) by reason of what he did but I have come with a mandate of deliverance upon Israel your generation; your children. I say let Reuben live and not die and let not his men be few! The curse was broken by reason of the anointing of deliverance upon Moses for the Israelites (Isaiah 10:27) The same manner the curse was pronounced was the same way it was lifted.

And now I say to you, anything that represents or anything in the order of Reuben’s curse upon your life; your family; your ministry; your marriage; your finances; your health; your spiritual life; etc though a lawful captive you may be, I ascend the mountain of God in the order of Moses and the mandate of deliverance by reason of his anointing and I say to you, “LET REUBEN LIVE! LET REUBEN LIVE!! LET REUBEN LIVE AND NOT DIE AND LET NOT YOUR MEN BE FEW IN YESHUA’s name. Amen.
God bless you.


I am carefully and wonderfully made.

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