I saw myself standing outside at a spot discussing with a friend. Suddenly , I heard a blast of a trumpet that sounded as if it came from within me. As I was about to ask myself what that was about, the friend of mine, before me, disappeared. His countenance first changed as if he was wearing a golden-robe-like garment and then, he was gone.

I turned around and looked up, and I could see the universe from my standing point on earth and what looked like a human figure seating on a throne and I saw beside him, the angel that blew the trumpet with the trumpet still in his mouth as if he was about to blow it a second time.

I raised my hands towards heaven in the direction of the being and said Father, it’s my turn to be taken I am ready.

I waited but I was not raptured. I missed the rapture!

Instantly, I turned around and there was confusion everywhere. My brothers and sisters, it is better imagined than experienced.
I was arrested along with other brethren that missed the rapture and we were taken to a place of torment (not hell-fire cause we were still on earth)
I was determined within me to pay with my own blood but that I must make heaven no matter what. I started looking for What I would do so that I would be singled out and killed. As I was watching, I saw some brethren who refused to give up being burnt alive. A greenish substance was poured on them followed by what looked like fuel. I think the thick greenish substance was to ensure that the fire didn’t go out until they were completely consumed by the fire.

Then I said it was my turn. I joined the next group and the substance was poured on us and we were ignited with fire. Brethren, the fire burned us but we didn’t die. Our skin was disfigured by the fire but we didn’t die. I asked why didn’t we die and the agent of darkness said that the earth is now immune to fire, that nothing would die by fire anymore. He said that the next thing that would kill is knife. I was so furious that I didn’t join the first group. It was like, once they used a method to kill, the method won’t kill again. But I was very determined to pay with my own blood and that I must make heaven.

We were still carrying out the hard labour given to us as prisoners.
When we got to a place of gathering after the days labour, I saw a pastor’s daughter that I knew (we were still being forced to put on a nose mask) She didn’t make it. I asked about her father but she was reluctant to answer. Later, she told me that the father didn’t make it that he was at home. I was surprised. As we were still discussing, her brother walked in with his friend.

I was so devastated and was wandering why I didn’t make it. Suddenly, my shortcomings were plain before me as if on a television set – malice, anger, grudges, murmuring, complain, offended with God etc

These past two weeks have been a very difficult moment for me financially. Trying to get my bills paid and the ministry’s financial needs have been a serious burden on me. I have prayed to God concerning it and have decided to put my hands to labour market to source for money. This has been drawing me away from the Lord some how and I was not finding it funny. I have been asking God if what I have been doing is not enough for him to favour me financially so I would concentrate more on the task He has given me but He seemed to be silent and the bills are on my neck. I started asking him why He delays a long time to manifest answers to my prayers? I kept murmuring about the prayers I have made for years which He has ignored and the burdens are still there.
I decided to sort things out myself and my spiritual life began to dwindle. I started losing interest in fellowships and spending time with the Lord. This is the third week and I can’t remember if I have spent quality time with the Lord. The distractions are much and I started picking offences with the Lord for seemingly unaware of my needs.

Then, this dream came. And as my shortcomings were being played out before me in the dream after I have missed the rapture, I could still feel him looking down on me.

It was like His face appeared in the sky looking down on me. I could feel him around me encouraging me as He saw that I was determined to make heaven even with my own blood.

Then I woke up and it was a dream. I thanked God cause I would rather make heaven by the blood of Yeshua than with my own blood. The life after rapture is better imagined than experienced.
God bless you.


I am carefully and wonderfully made.

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  1. Blimp Dimples

    It is stories like this that cause me much doubt.

    1. admin

      Brother/Sister, is rapture not scriptural? I am not the first to share revelation like this and if you look at things happening around lately and compare it with the Lord’s prophecy in the bible, you will agree with me that everything is pointing towards the end of time. Don’t you believe that God speaks to us through dreams and revelations? I won’t share cooked-up stories, God is my witness. I know what was revealed to me. God bless you.

  2. Jamel

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    1. admin

      Thanks and God bless you.

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