Einstein in the Attic.

As the world jumps every day from one crisis to another, whilst also being in the midst of a chaotic pandemic,“Einstein in the Attic” looks to find answers within the existential struggle between science and faith.

February 18, 2022: If there is one question that has intrigued mankind for centuries, it is the problem of evil rampant in the world. The question has become even more relevant today with the advancement of scientific technology—bringing up the responsibility of using science to discover an answer to the ancient question. Cut to 2022, a niece-uncle author duo, Dana Dargos and Said Al Bizri, have recently released a new sci-fi adventure book that aims to find the answer to that same question through a mind-bending, thought-provoking novel. Titled “Einstein in the Attic,” the novel has already received stellar 5-star ratings from its early batch of readers on Amazon.

“Einstein in the Attic” was released on Amazon in January 2022.

Set against the backdrop of the war between science and God, reason and faith, “Einstein in the Attic” is the story of one scientist’s search for truth and meaning when faced with the ultimate question: Is there a God? Fleeing war-torn Lebanon, Adam Reemi’s faith is shaken by the hardships he has endured, but when he and a colleague successfully construct a nano hadron collider, and using sound waves, Adam finds unheard-of power at his fingertips. To help him answer the greatest question mankind has ever posed, he zaps the best philosophical minds of all time–namely Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Soren Kierkegaard, and Baruch Spinoza–from the past and into his attic. Not all goes according to plan, however, and Adam finds himself in a race against time to formulate an answer to the question of intelligent design… or risk losing everything.

In an exclusive interview about their debut book, Dana Dargos and Said Al Bizri shared that “Einstein in the Attic” is a one-of-a-kind original novel whose main characters delve into valid scientific proofs, arguments, and counterarguments and objectively scrutinize to deduce the existence of a creator. The scientific proofs and their subsequent scientific advancements have been well-researched, are accurate, and hold high merit and validity. Furthermore, the novel presents them in a simple, yet unpredictable, entertaining, and accessible manner that makes it appealing to the general audience that keeps the reader hooked and eager to read the next page. “The novel is a distinctive intelligent science fiction story because it grapples with big questions through an entertaining pinch of humor, an engaging manner of dialogue, a strong narrative arc, a unique voice and writing style, diversity, and powerful character developments— all while also delving deeper into the world of spirituality.”

The book has received rave reviews from readers:

“The authors were so knowledgeable about philosophy, science, and so much more. The story was engaging and flowed very nicely. What an amazing premise: the most renowned philosophers of all brought to present times. Their impressions of the modern era were hilarious and enlightening at the same time. I specifically loved the thoughtful Einstein and the feisty Newton. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone.”

In addition to the encouraging reviews on Amazon, the fascinating tale has even caught the eye of an entertainment agent who is currently pitching and promoting the novel to various media companies for a possible film/tv series adaptation.

About the Authors:

Dana Dargos

Dana Dargos is a published Lebanese-American writer born and raised in the Bay Area. From the moment she created adventurous, crayon-scribbled tales in kindergarten, she knew writing would forever be a part of her life. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in English Literature. “Einstein in the Attic” is her debut novel.

Said Al Bizri

Said Al Bizri is a writer, existentialist thinker, and avid researcher with a BA from the American University of Beirut. He works as a business development director in a number of countries. Together, Said and Dana conducted five years of research to ensure plausible and accurate scientific and historical information. “Einstein in the Attic” is also his debut novel.

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