We are discussing about blood. It’s not yet the blood of Jesus Christ that we are talking about. We are talking about blood generally.

At the end of this message, you will know why you should shout the blood of Jesus Christ out loud with your whole heart when you are asked to do so. Many just plead the blood of Jesus Christ because they are asked to without knowing that their lives depend on it. Some mention it casually. Some mention it when something excites them playfully. Many do not know how powerful the blood of Jesus Christ is. Among many spiritual weapons of warfare that are at our disposal, the blood of Jesus Christ stands out tall. Among the most powerful weapons God has given us are the name of Jesus Christ, the blood of Jesus Christ, the word of God, the fire of the Holy Spirit etc

What is in blood? Blood is a very big spiritual commodity. It has a purchasing power in the spirit. Blood is older than every individual alive today. If you know your ancestors to a thousand generations past, that’s where the blood in you kept running from. That’s why someone would look at you and say that you look exactly like your great grandparents. It’s a bloodline flowing. It’s an expensive supernatural commodity both physically and spiritually.
When an individual visits a native doctor to do anything for him, they ask for blood. The degree or magnitude of the problem determines the type of blood required. If it’s going to be the blood of a chicken or of a goat or of a ram or a human being and not just a human being but a virgin, it all depends on the nature of the problem. For the animals, some demand that it must be a male.
For every ritual, blood is involved. Major sacrifices require blood. Occult initiations oftentimes require blood. Those who do money rituals require blood. Witches and wizards do concoctions involving blood in other to send demons on assignment. Kingdoms of darkness demand for blood yearly. That answers to multiple accidents and provocations that lead to blood shed yearly.

A king in the Bible was to go to war with a stronger nation. He was determined to win the battle but he knew that his chances were slim so he killed his own son, sacrificed his son and he won the war. He offered the blood of his son to secure, purchase victory for his nation (2Kings 3:27)

Before we go further,there are spiritual principles that spirits adhere to. Such principles can never be broken for any reason. Some of these principles are:-

1: The soul that sinneth shall die (Ezekiel 18:20)
2: Without the shedding of blood, there’s no remission of sin (Hebrews 9:22)

The sentence of death came upon man because Adam disobeyed God. The devil knew about this principle when he led man to sin against God. There was no other way to bring division between man and God, to cut off the relationship between us and God, but through sin. Remember that God told Adam that if he eat of the fruit, he would surely die. That’s the principle he was trying to make Adam know of. There’s a tag of death upon every soul because of that sin – disobedience. Satan’s aim was that no man should be able to make heaven from where he was dethroned. He succeeded in bringing man into bondage of death by the first principle.

But the second principle gives man hope of redemption. So God started looking for a blood worthy enough of that task. That was why God accepted Abel’s sacrifice of a lamb. The offering involved blood. The blood of that lamb was worthy enough to free Abel from the sin of his father Adam. And then, when the Israelites sinned against God, a sin offering was made with the blood of animals. They would place their hands on the head of the animals and confess their sins upon the animals before the animals were slaughtered. But that was not also enough to completely wash off the sins of the people because, at times some people will not do it properly. You know human beings with irregularities or lack of consistency. So if you were the high priest then or just promoted to that office, you know that your chances of living to see next year is very deem. Your longevity would depend on a proper sin offering.

Once the high priest carries the blood into the holy of holies and there’s a problem along the line during the sacrifices, he dies there because God will not accept it. He is pulled out with a rope tied to his waist. The signal, whether he’s alive or dead is that the sound of the bell in his waist is heard no more. The blood of animals are not always enough or worthy to exchange for the death sentence on man.

But the question now is, why must it be blood? Why not the flesh or the skin of animals or our sweat? Why blood? Is it because of the color or thickness of the blood? Why blood? Is it because it runs in our bodies? There’s water in our bodies as well. We have bones. We have muscles. Both in the sight of God and in the sight of devil, it’s blood that they are after. Why blood?

The reasons are :-

1, Leviticus says that the life of anything living is in the blood (Leviticus 17:14) Blood sustains life. To bring a death sentence on one is to take away his life and that involves shedding of his blood. Anytime an animal’s life is taken, the first thing you see is blood. Once the blood is completely drained, it ceases to live. To cancel death is to give blood. And to give blood is to give life.

So the individual that visited a native doctor for rituals and an animal is killed and the blood is poured out on the person or given to him to drink, the implication is an exchange of life. The life that is freely given to the person by God is now exchanged to the life of the coven. So he must adhere to the principle governing the coven because he’s of the devil. Blood shed or drunk in or bath in occult or during any initiation is simply an exchange of life. You willingly gave up the life that God has freely given you to one given by darkness. The person is a lawful captive of darkness. His life now is dictated by the policies and principles of the dark group. He’s controlled by the dark world now. How long he must live, where he must not go to, people he must not associate with, meetings he must not absent from, things he must always do to renew his life, sacrifices he must be making, he is not permitted to help people with money etc He is no longer his own because there’s an exchange of life by that blood involvement. The instructions come with a threat to his life.

So, a lady that entered into a blood covenant with a man to remain faithful to each other before marriage has exchanged her life with the man. So long as both pierced each other, merged their blood and licked it, that is a blood covenant they entered into. They no longer have separate lives. Their lives are now in each others lives. If one dies, he or she is still alive in the other person’s blood because, they share the same life. I have seen it wreck homes. When the other person went into marriage with another person other than the one he or she entered into the blood covenant with, there’s always constant visitations in dreams and spiritual attacks.

This explains the mystery of marriage. That one plus one is one. This is so because by the blood of virginity at the first copulation after marriage, there’s exchange of life. They are now one flesh. No longer two but one. The bible made it clear that it’s one flesh because there’s no marriage in heaven. Marriage is of the flesh and blood sustains the life of the flesh and not of the spirit neither of the soul. So in Jewish tradition, the garment stained with blood must be presented immediately after the wedding otherwise the lady stands the risk of being stoned to death.
Each time Israelites offered a sin offering by killing an animal, they buy back their lives by taking away the life of the animals haven deposited their lives of sin on the animals. Exchange of life.
Power of the blood!

Anything can be made a god. All you need to do is to shed blood upon it. The incantations made upon it summons a demon upon it and the blood gives the demon life on the object. The blood gives it a platform to survive and dwell in. The blood is its life upon it. Many covens demand blood for renewal of the covenants upon them. There’s no alter -occult, idolatrous or marine -that is not built on a blood foundation. Even Christianity is built on a blood foundation – the blood of Jesus Christ. That’s what gives Christianity life. By His blood, Christianity thrives. The bible says, “There is no other foundation laid other than that which was laid by Jesus Christ.” And He laid that foundation with his blood. So when Saul -now Paul- thought he was fighting for God, he didn’t know that by the death of Jesus Christ, the word of God was fulfilled. His blood fulfilled the law and the prophets. He was then commissioned to go and preach Jesus Christ resurrected. In phillipians 3 :10, he said that I may know him and the power of his resurrection…
Among all covenants, the covenant of blood is the strongest.

I was visiting a church in the past hoping and praying that God should let me know if I should work for him there. Though the pastor had tried to involve me deeply in the church but I was hesitant and waiting for confirmation from God. Then one day, we were in service, the pastor called out all the workers in the church. He shared cola nuts to all of them. He gave them alligator pepper each. There’s something else he gave them. And then, he brought a ram inside the church, before the alter and killed the ram there. He asked his workers to eat all those things he gave them. They ate them. And he said they would boil the ram there in the church premises and eat it before anyone leaves. As he was doing that, he said if anyone didn’t believe in what he was doing, the person should leave. I stood up and left.
Now, what his workers didn’t know was that he was involving them in a blood covenant. His church had just began to grow and most of these pastors are afraid of loosing their members to someone who has been trained under them. If peradventure one of his workers decided to go and open his own church and draws some of the pastor’s members, this covenant of blood which he has put them into without their knowledge and consent will begin to work against them. They will not know where the problem is coming from except by divine revelation.

2, The second reason why it is blood is because blood speaks (Hebrews 12:25) Blood has vocabulary. It has the ability to witness for or against anyone (1John 5:8)
The only fluid with ability to talk.
So, when Cain killed Abel, the bible says that Abel’s blood cried to the Lord for vengeance (Genesis 4:10) The blood of Abel was witnessing against Cain in the courtroom of heaven for taking his life. Cain was found guilty and sentence was passed upon him. (Blood of Jesus Christ witnesses in our favor)
A lady went to a pastor to pray for her to conceive after 15 years of marriage. After the pastor had prayed for her and she was about to leave, God opened the pastor’s eyes and he saw children following this woman and they were like pointing fingers at her. The pastor called her back and told her what he saw. He started asking her if she had issues with children in the past? After much hesitation, she opened up. Guess what, she has had multiple abortions in the past. She has shed blood of children and now she needs a child. But the blood of these children were accusing her, witnessing against her that she denied them life, therefore, no life would come through her. Power of blood!

A crippled man was involved in gambling with a group of boys. Something went wrong and they started beating the crippled man on wheelchair. One of the boys drew out a gun and wanted to shoot the man. He pleaded for life, but the boy shot him and he died. The boy was jailed where he spent 14 years. He thought it was over. But he didn’t know that the blood of the man was not satisfied with that. He allowed him to serve the term under human judgement but still craves for vengeance. Two weeks after the boy was released from prison, he was driving with a sound car. He crashed into a tree and died instantly.
Power of blood!

A police officer who was thirsty for power because of his position killed an innocent young boy within his twenties on a particular road. Years later, his son in his twenties that just graduated from a school abroad was going home to see his father after long years away from home. As they got to that same road where his father had killed the boy, he was involved in auto crash and he died. When his father got to the scene of the accident, he remembered what he did and wept bitterly. Vengeance had been served. He did it and got away because of power and influence. But blood is stronger and more powerful than societal influence. Send blood on an errand, and it will devour without mercy.

3, Blood appeases spirits. When the angel of death came upon Egypt, the Israelites were spared because they had blood smeared on their door posts. The angels of death passed over.
There are cases in the scriptures where people who sinned against God were killed before God’s anger was averted.
After Moses had argued with God, the Lord came to kill him. But his wife immediately got some birds and killed them and smeared their blood on Moses and said that Moses was an husband of blood to her. The Lord spared his life because of that.

Now, what makes the blood of Jesus Christ unique, worthy before God and able to redeem man?

1, Consider yea the nature of his birth. His conception was spiritual and not carnal. The bible says that he that is born of the spirit is spirit and he that is born of the flesh is of the flesh. His conception is not of sperm and egg of a woman. It was between word (the word I speak to you they are spirit and life) and the flesh of the woman (Luke 1:35 , John 1:13-14) All that the Lord needed from Mary was flesh so as to be visible and not to break spiritual principles. A spirit cannot dwell in our realm without flesh. It’s a law in the spirit. That’s why demons must possess flesh to manifest.
It’s said medically, that the blood a child bears is from the man. A documentary I watched says that blood of Jesus Christ, which was extracted from the garment that Mary used to wipe his face on his way to gestamane consisted of only one chromosome – the male – which was from God. And the blood is still alive over two thousand years after his death. All that Jesus Christ needed was flesh from Mary. The blood that sustained his flesh was formed within his own bone marrow.

2,The Blood of Jesus Christ has cleansing power (1 John 1:7)

“But if we walk in the light as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanses us from all sin”.
So, in a fellowship, we don’t know actually what is happening spiritually. That’s why the Bible says we should not forsake the gathering of the brethren. There’s no other blood that has this ability. Automatically his blood cleanses us when we think we where just listening to his teachings. How great!

3. His blood has overcoming power (Rev. 12 : 11)
We overcome Satan by the blood of Jesus Christ. Who’s he under the attack from darkness? Shout the blood of Jesus Christ and the enemy is defeated. Our weapon to overcome Satan is the blood of Jesus Christ.

I rented a one room apartment in Lagos, Nigeria. I didn’t know that the house was diabolic. It belonged to an Alaja. One day, I was sleeping in the night. I saw a short man, a dwarf approaching me in the dream and it was obvious that his intentions were bad as I sensed in my spirit in the dream. I wasn’t finding life funny then. Immediately, I was led in the spirit to begin to plead the blood of Jesus Christ. I raised my hand towards the man and started shouting, “blood of Jesus Christ “. I did that 3 times and suddenly, the man turned into a calabash and started burning. I continued pleading the blood of Jesus Christ and it was burning till it was no more. When I woke up in the morning, the Alaja was the first person I saw passing through my door and looking at me strangely. Few months later, I had a financial breakthrough and I moved into a bigger apartment.
A powerful weapon against the dark world is the blood of Jesus Christ. You must inculcate this teachings into the lives of your children at early stage in life. Let them know what weapon of warfare they have in the blood of Jesus Christ.

4. The blood of Jesus Christ speaks in our favor (Hebrews 12:25)
“…And to the blood of sprinkling that speaks better things that the blood of Abel. ”
Just as we have learned that blood speaks, the blood of Jesus Christ speaks for us. He speaks redemption on our behalf. It says, “I was shed on the cross of Calvary for this one, therefore he is my own. ” It says l have paid the price for this one, the sentence of death upon this individual, I have paid it in full therefore he is free. I took his place in death therefore if there’s anything you think he still owes you, enquire it from me. That’s what the blood of Jesus Christ says about you daily. That’s the witness of the blood of Jesus Christ concerning you and I. He says, “death you have no power over this one because I have died in his place. ”

I was in a dream one day, I was captured by forces of darkness. They tied me up on an alter made with a concrete. I was lying on the alter with my face upwards. I was made to understand that they have tried many times to kill me but they didn’t succeed. They did all they could to kill me but to know avail. So, the devil instructed them to bring me for him to kill me by himself. Since they couldn’t carry out, what he considered a simple assignment he gave them, they should allow him do it by himself. So, they tied me there and signaled the devil. Immediately, he started approaching on a very high speed to come and kill me. He was so fast in coming and his thoughts was made known to me. He was saying to himself, “let quickly do this before that Holy One would know what is happening. ” All his demons fled at his approaching leaving me alone on the alter. I was there helpless and through my left ear, I could sense his swift approaching. But just when he was few metres away from me, a hand appeared with a bucket filled with blood. The blood was smeared upon me on that alter and it covered me whole. Just then, he landed. He looked on that table but couldn’t see me. He was looking for me while I was lying on the table but he couldn’t see me. But I was there watching him. Then I realized that the blood had made me invisible to his eyes. He was seeing empty table but I was there watching him.
I pray for you, the blood of Jesus Christ will make you invisible to your enemies in Jesus name Amen.
He was very sure he saw me there but how couldn’t see me again baffled him. He thought he could be faster than God and that God wouldn’t know until the did is done. He didn’t know that the blood of Jesus Christ was readily available for me because it paid off my death debt. It has taken my place in death so the devil has no right over my life.
The blood of Jesus Christ witnesses in my favor in the courtroom of heaven saying that I am not guilty cause my guilt has been paid for. It says that I have right to live and the enemy is not permitted to say otherwise.

The bible says the blood of sprinkling…
Why didn’t Jesus allow Mary to touch him when she met at the tomb? He said to her, I have not yet been presented to my Father… His blood had not yet been present or offered or sprinkled in the Holy of holies in heaven just as the high priest did on earth. Jesus is called our great high priest. He went to heaven and sprinkled his blood in the Holy Temple in heaven and when he came back he told Thomas, you can touch me now.

Such a great weapon we have in the blood of Jesus Christ yet we know not. Since the blood of Jesus Christ speaks, it will speak against any other blood that has been shed in your name in the covens of darkness. Any other blood that claims ownership of you from any quarters of the earth, the blood of Jesus Christ will silence them. Any calabash or pot where they have made blood sacrifice against you with your name written there, blood of Jesus Christ will set you free. Any enchantment or divination they are making and writing your name for evil, as they write the Last letter of your name, blood of Jesus Christ will answer them in Jesus Christ name.
I mark your forehead with the blood of Jesus Christ as a warning to the powers of darkness that your blood is not for sale. Your blood, and that of your family, friends is not available for darkness to use. Blood of Jesus Christ, make me a terror to the kingdom of darkness in Jesus name Amen. Blood of Jesus Christ, speak life in my home, my finances, my job, my plans, my endeavors, my future, speak breakthrough in everything I do for your kingdom. Blood of Jesus Christ, speak fruitfulness in my barrenness, speak children in my childlesness. Speak hope in my hopelessness. Speak healing in my health situations. Blood of Jesus Christ, speak total overhauling of my spirit soul and body in favour. Blood of Jesus Christ, speak mercy upon my life and that of my entire household in Jesus Christ name Amen.

God bless you.

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