Romans 14;12,” So then, each one of us will give account of himself to God.”

There’s one thing in this life that is inevitable both for the living and the dead and even for non-living things. In every area of our lives, no matter what we do, there’s a day called a day of reckoning, when we must stand to give account of whatever we have done on earth.

Scholars say that in this life, the only thing that is constant is change. But there’s one thing that is constant and unchanging both in this life and in eternity. It’s called ACCOUNTABILITY.

We take stock of our lives, education, investments, activities every time or in seasons without knowing – that is to say that we have been practicing accountability without our knowledge.

Instances :-
1: After paying our children’s school fees and they present their report cards at the end of the term or session or semester, we study it to see if what we are investing in them is actually paying off. If their performance is too bad, we might be moved to conclude that it is either the teachers are not professionals or that the children are not taking their studies seriously. ACCOUNTABILITY!

2: When an adult goes for a professional or promotional exams and the results come out, what he sees tells how well he/she prepared for the exams or attempted the questions or the effort made to achieve a good result. ACCOUNTABILITY!

3: When teachers conduct examinations, the major reason behind it is to account for how much knowledge they were able to impact on the students. The authorities analyze the results to know if the teachers are performing below expectations. ACCOUNTABILITY!

4: The behaviours or characters portrayed by the youths when they grow into adulthood is an attestation of how much good teachings or societal norms or values that were impacted in them by their parents, extended families, friends and the society at large. How your children behave when they are grown is an account of how you have trained them. ACCOUNTABILITY!

5: After you have gone to learn a trade, business or a vocation and you start your own, how well you impact the lives of your customers and how you handle the job they give you to do is a function of how much attention you paid during your learning process and your dedication. ACCOUNTABILITY!

6: At times you sit down and begin to assess how you have spent a year; all the opportunities that came with it, what you did with them. You ask yourself in my present age, what have I achieved or how have I impacted my generation with what I am endowed with? ACCOUNTABILITY!

7: The performance of your team in sports, the performance of your soldiers in war or your security personnel in handling insecurity, the performance of your government in handling the affairs of your nation is a function of preparation before they embarked on the journey or mission. ACCOUNTABILITY!

Accountability exists in every human endeavor both in private and public sectors, in families, in ministries, in government, banking system etc. It is inevitable and most times we don’t even know when we have carried out the task.

Now, the major source of concern about ACCOUNTABILITY is that it doesn’t end with human existence. It transcends this life. IN LIFE, YOU GIVE ACCOUNT OF YOUR ACTIVITIES MOSTLY TO YOURSELF AND SOCIETY, BUT IN ETERNITY, YOU GIVE ACCOUNT OF HOW YOU SPENT YOUR LIFE BEFORE THE JUDGEMENT SEAT OF GOD. Why must you give account of your life? It’s because, the life you are living today was given to you by an Almighty Being for a definite purpose (Ecclesiastical 12:13) And when He takes it back, He will demand an explanation of what you did with it. ACCOUNTABILITY!

It’s worthy of note here that you are not going to give account of your life alone but also of the talents you were given by God, the gifts He endowed you with so that you will use it to impact your generation and make Him know to the world. To whom much is given, much is expected (Luke 12:48) Now, if you are not able to meet the expectations by reason of the much that was given to you for your generation, you definitely know that you have questions to answer as to why you were not able to meet the expectations. So it is not only about having the life, it’s not only about having the gifts and talents, but it is also about meeting the expectations that comes with it. Do you see the phases of the account we must give on that day?

The life we know is the same and available to all that are breathing, but the gifts and talents differ per individual according to the measure measured unto us by the HOLY SPIRIT (Ephesians 4:7)
The gifts and talents can be in different forms but they are for the edification of the church and for the advancement of the kingdom of God. That is the only reason we believers are alive and He called us STEWARDS.

So in a ministry, one is endowed with the gift of administration, another has the healing, yet another has material things to support the ministry, and another is gifted with finance to take care of the financial needs of the kingdom project, still another has the zeal to perform tasks in helping the body of Christ etc

Not putting the gifts or talents you know you already have into use is risking having life eternity in hell fire just like the servant that didn’t put his talent to use (Matthew 25) This implies that none of the gifts and talents must be dormant.

The bible says that children are gifts from God (Psalm 127:3) This implies that you will give account of how you trained them. That’s why the bible says that we should train a child in the ways of God that when he grows, he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6) They are gifts, given to you by God to bring them up in the ways of the One who owns them.

We will give account of our spoken words, every idle words that ever proceeded from our mouth shall be accounted for (Matthew 12:36) So, if you are used to going to amusement parks or listening to or watching comedians or even bringing them to the fellowship to perform on the alter of God, you are in for serious trouble. They say all manner of things that comes to their mind even blasphemous stories against the HOLY SPIRIT. And the pastor and members are laughing – laughing their way to hell fire. Every sins against the HOLY SPIRIT CANNOT be forgiven (Matthew 12:31)

As a minister of God, you will give account of the multitude committed to your care to shepherd. The word you preach to them are they yours or the mind of God? Do you make your doctrine or the doctrines of the elders of your ministry look like the doctrine of Yeshua? Do you tell them what their ears are itching to hear because you don’t want to loose your members or do you tell them the truth so that even if they decided to leave, you know you are free from their blood? (Ezekiel 33:8, John 6:60, proverbs 27:23)

As a believer, how much effort have you made in practicing the word of God you hear and in advancing the kingdom of God? Do you sit on the messages and relax without telling anyone that Yeshua loves him or her? The great commission is for all believers and not for the pastors alone ( Mark 16:15-16) What do you do with it? How does your life reflect the life of Christ? ACCOUNT for stewardship awaits you.

No one living today or that has ever lived or will still live that will escape this reality. Even nature is not an exception.
In Revelations 20:13, the bible says that God demanded that the sea give account of those that died in it. And the sea vomited them all out. Haven accounted for the souls that died in it (the sea) and vomited them, the souls then stood before God to account for themselves individually. Even Death and Hades gave account of those that were in them.

Many would run to the mountains to cover them up and die but the mountains will refuse for it knows that an account for the souls awaits it.

Whatever we do, we should remember that there’s a day of reckoning.
God bless you.


I am carefully and wonderfully made.

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